John Winter is a Halifax-based foundry and dental supplies company renowned for its technical knowledge and excellent customer satisfaction.

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We have decades of experience within both industries and a good reputation of selling premium products that deliver outstanding results. Our materials are manufactured with our customers in mind and we take pride in offering products that are more environmentally aware and ahead of the latest industry trends and developments.

We work with a network of agents and distribution channels to service clients in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Central America, the Middle East and South Africa.

Our technical consultants have years of experience working in the foundry and dental industries and can offer you the best advice on how you can add value to what you do.

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Foundry products

Our expanding product portfolio has helped us remain at the forefront of today’s foundry industry. It’s our approach and technical solutions that really set us apart.


The latest addition to our product-solving portfolio is Geopol, an inorganic binder that can reclaim up to 90 per cent of sand, significantly reducing the environmental impact when producing moulds and cores.

Sodium Silicate Binders

John Winter is the only remaining foundry supplier to produce a range of proprietary sodium silicate sand binders in the UK.

Sand Binders

Sigmaset 8000 Series No-Bake Binder: This is a low odour aliphatic polyol no-bake system for aluminium applications for mould and core production.

Oil Bonded Sand

As the only producer of oil bonded moulding sand in the UK, John Winter Co. Ltd offers a range of fine oil bonded sands which are used to create a superior casting finish.

Dental supplies

John Winter has nationwide coverage in the supply of dental laboratory materials. As well as supplying our own products, we are also the official distributors for Shera GmbH.

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